About Louise

Business coach Louise Abbott knows you would rather deliver that great service or product than wade through the maze of business advice that may or may not answer your specific needs. She will help you choose the smoothest path to grow your business through proven marketing techniques, powerful goal setting and time management strategies that fit you and your business.

Louise is here to help you with every part of your business and make it easier than  ever to have all the clients you want and a business you love.

She has been coaching businesses since 2002. She is a certified graduate of Coach University and past president of the Tucson chapter of the International Coaches Federation. She is a member and past president of Business Network International's Leading Edge chapter in Tucson, Arizona and is currently Mentor Coordinator with that organization.

With twenty years experience as an educator in the public and private sector, Louise understands multiple intelligences and varied learning styles and utilizes this knowledge with her clients.

She has served in leadership roles as an assistant principal, community advocate and union representative at the school where she taught and mentored new teachers.

Clients find Louise to be focused, calm, patient and committed. She is an excellent listener. More than anything, she wants for you to succeed. She is happiest, when her clients are making huge shifts in their thinking and behaviors that have been limiting them. She is a trained professional that will be beside you unconditionally as you discover, create and commit to the growth of your business and yourself.
Her commitment to family and community is an important part of who she is and is reflected in her volunteer work with and support of the arts, education, women’s issues and spiritual development.