Daily Business Success Checklist

To be at peak performance, you need to have a daily routine that supports your style of working and accomplishes everything essential for your business:

  1. ___Get out your daily planner and check your schedule.
  2. ___Determine your most productive time for tasks. Wide awake in the morning? Afternoon? Tackle your most difficult, important work during the time of day when you're at your best and you're most likely to complete it.
  3. ___Write in tasks at specific times, not just a list.
  4. ___Delete 10 emails without reading them.
  5. ___Open your mail over the trash can and toss, toss, toss!
  6. ___Delegate at least one task.
  7. ___Set Time Limits. Say, "I only have 5 minutes to talk."
  8. ___Outline your calls, Say, "I would like to discuss these 2 possible solutions to problem A."
  9. ___Use a timer to keep you on track
  10. ___Take time for yourself. Even a short session of deep breathing or stretching counts. This will give you energy and save time in the long run.

These tips should make your day smoother and trouble free.