Top 10 Checklist for Business Success

Top 10 Checklist for Business Success

Here is a checklist of 10 basics you need for long term success as an entrepreneur. Print this out and keep it where you can see your progress.

1. ___My mission statement accurately expresses my values, feelings and thoughts completely. It isn't just empty words.

2. ___ Monthly, I meet with an advisor, board or coach and I respond to their advice and counsel.

3. ___I have rigorous, but generous, incentive plans for all key employees and affiliates.

4. ___My customers can easily articulate the benefits of my services or products - and do so.

5. ___I update my policies and procedures annually.

6. ___I continually upgrade all aspects of my operational systems for the highest possible productivity.

7. ___I know how, and am, building a strong, positive, reputation in my niche.

8. ___I continually add value to my product or service.

9. ___I don't just keep up with my competitors; I eclipse them by setting my targets higher.

10. ___I understand that balance and self care will help, not hurt my chances of success in my business.