3 Keys to Better Business Relationships

A businessperson rarely hires a coach to work on relationships. However, coaching often addresses relationships because we are all human. We do not conduct our careers or businesses in a vacuum. We constantly bump up against bosses, clients, colleagues, employees and of course, family. Then there is the relationship we have with ourselves.

1. Pay attention to Relationships: To ignore relationships in the business equation is a serious mistake. So the first key on the agenda is simply to realize that business success can’t happen unless one is aware of the importance of relationships. Some people say “Look, I just want to do my job without all of these hassles from people.” If it weren’t for the “people” we wouldn’t have a business.

2. People are Human: Next, is realizing that people are going to act like humans, meaning they are flawed and will not always behave the way you want them to. Cut your partners and customers some slack when they show their not so great human side. Everybody is going to have a bad day. Focus on what is positive in their character, and wait for things to blow over.

3. Don't take things Personally: Key number three, is not take anything others say or do personally. Easier said than done. Just know that everyone has his or her own agenda. It may or may not have anything to do with you. If you think it might be something you have done, be quick to own your part and move on.
Simply being aware of the relationship side of your business will put you head and shoulders above the ordinary. You don't have to be an expert, either. Just stay aware that fostering good relationships will pay off in a better bottom line, and you'll sleep better.

How many of these questions can you say "Yes!" to? This abbreviated checklist from Coach U's Clean Sweep program will help you think about your relationships and where you might want to focus this month.

True Statement

___I get on well with my co-workers/ clients.
___I get on well with my manager/staff.
___I put people first and results second.
___I have let go of the relationships that drag me down or damage me. ("Let go"   means to end, walk away from, declare complete, and no longer be attached to).
___I do not gossip or talk about others.
___I am fully caught up with letters and calls.
___I always tell the truth, no matter what.
___I am a person of his/her word; people can count on me.
___I quickly correct miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur.
___I do not judge or criticize others.
___I do not "take personally" the things that people say to me.
___I make requests rather than complain.

_____Number of True

Just reading over this list will help you think more creatively about how to improve relationships.