Keeping Up with a Business Slowdown

It's natural to want to kick back in your business a little when your business slows down. This can happen any time of the year and can be out of your control. Clients go on vacations, you want a break, and let's face it, it's hard to keep up the motivation, energy and focus when things are slower.
Here are my 3 top tips to keeping your business and yourself alive at any time when business is not what it could be.

1. Show up on Time: Don't get careless about other people's time and be late for appointments and deadlines. Set fewer appointments if necessary, but make sure you are prompt and ready for the ones you do have.

2. Do What You Promise: As with appointments, cut back your work load if you need to, but have impeccable follow through with every project.

3. Use the Slow Down to Build: This is the time to go deeper into your business. Look at procedures, policies, and cash flow more carefully. Unless you are a swimming pool company, you will probably have less business during the summer and therefore, more free time. This is an opportunity to do long range planning for your marketing, and growth.

Allow yourself to dream and visualize what you would like your business to look like in the next six months, or year. A business slow down is usually temporary. Use the time well and when things pick up, you will be positioned for further success