Basic Marketing Questions

In his book The E-Myth, Michael Gerber talks about how a business owner must work not only in his business, but on his business. As a first step in marketing your business, you must look at your business as an outside observer would the first time they contact you and ask yourself:

• What is the first impression of my business?
• What stands out about me and my service compared to others in my field?
• What about my business or service makes people come back and recommend me to others?
Look at your answers and create at least one action step to follow up on today that will improve your business. Do you need to improve your marketing materials, update how you answer the phone, clean up your office reception area? Do you need to develop a message about how your business is unique and make sure that everyone you know, is aware of that?
What ever it is, take the time; make the time. Your future success counts on it.