Market from the Heart

Some of us have a hard time when we think of marketing our business with only financial gain in mind. Are you one of those? I want to propose that you can build and market a highly successful business from the heart. What does that mean?
For me, simply having a VERY successful business is wonderful. I do not argue with that. I want it for you and I want it for myself. But I am finding that my clients (and I) want that and more . They want a business that brings satisfaction on intellectual, personal and spiritual levels as well.

My clients represent all manner of personal belief systems. Atheist to orthodox to fundamentalist, and everything in between. You name it. What they have in common, is that they want a business that satisfies beyond what is usually seen in the popular culture and look to things that nourish their deeper self as well. They want a business that speaks to their passions in life and helps them express who they are and to connect with others on a deeper level.

Tall order? Perhaps, but certainly possible, and those who have achieved it, have believed in that possibility. And they have built businesses around clients that share certain beliefs of kindness, conscience and fair dealing. They build business that are fun to work in and that make a difference in the world. I call it Marketing from the Heart.

Marketing from the Heart is about building a business with courage, passion and spirit. It isn't just a marketing strategy, but a way of doing business...a way of thinking about people and the world in general that is far more satisfying than traditional methods of running a business. It is all about intention.

It means:
• You can have it all; and so can I. (Neither succeeds at the other's expense.)
• Doing business is fun because it is all about you doing what you love.
• You build real relationships in your business dealings.
• You work only with ideal clients.
• You give your best and expect your clients or customers to be easy to work with and grateful.
• You work hard, but don't overwork.
• You work smart, so you have lots of free time.
• You build teams to help you with your business.
• You have peers who support you and you support them.
• You are conscious of our fragile planet in you do.
• You have fun and make sure those who work with you have fun as well.

Marketing from the Heart can be the most rewarding experience you have ever had in business, because it is about nourishing and filling yourself and everyone you meet; and being wildly successful while you are at it. For me, there is no conflict there; only riches on every level.