Accepting Where You Are

Where is your business right now? When we genuinely accept the status of our business: the good, the bad, what is working and what is not working, can we actually move forward.

Avoid the blame game. There will always be external factors which affect our business. Here are some of the common ones.

• Economic and political climate
• Employees’ issues
• Market changes
• Technological and advances and changes that impact the desirability of your service or product
• Issues with family members

There are also internal factors that affect your business:
• Health
• Training and technical expertise
• Unresolved psychological and emotional issues

Realize also, that you made certain choices that may have been uninformed, based on false data, or that you did not think through completely.

When you do not accept full responsibility for the status of your business, you become a victim and are in a weakened position. Accepting that you and only you are finally responsible, puts you in a position of power. Acceptance loosens the grip of negativity and blame. Stepping back and viewing the situation without the anger, shame and guilt is very freeing.

Let’s address one of the situations that may seem to be out of your control.

Economic and political climate
In times of economic or political unrest, individuals tend to become cautions and suspicious. Ironically, this doesn’t always keep people from spending. When the new millennium came round, people were terrified of what would happen with “Y2K.” Home Depot made a millions selling generators, camping equipment and water purifying systems. Gun shops were inundated with panicked individuals loading up on ammunition and weapons of all kinds.

During the global economic slowdown, the sellers of gold  made handsome profits selling gold at more and more inflated prices.

On the more political side, the U.S. economy was completely turned around in a positive way by the political upheaval in Europe and Japan during World War II.

The lesson would be that just because someone is calling a situation bad, doesn’t necessarily mean that your business must suffer. The key is to look at what opportunities are available in the particular climate and see if you can capitalize on it. You may need to make adjustments, but that can be a creative and exciting enterprise.