Brain/Business Success Connection

This may seem to be an odd concept at first, but there really is a connection between what is going on in your brain and having success in your business. When you feel grateful and happy your brain is better able to analyze and access information and to respond, more effectively. As a result you are able to be more efficient in your business.
There is actual science behind this. Studies of the brain have revealed that people who are grateful are more optimistic, and have more energy. They are more likely to feel loved and are more productive.

Why is this true? In a nutshell (so to speak) when we are relaxed, happy and thankful we are more able to access our frontal cortex where are logical creative thinking occurs.
When we are anxious and fearful about current circumstances or the future, we trigger our fight or flight portion of the brain which effectively leaves us useless to do anything rational and useful to grow our business.

That portion of the brain is great for getting you to take your hand off a hot stove, but not so great for the kind of reasoning and planning that needs to happen for a successful business.

"What we think about and what we are thankful about, is what we bring about." This as a quote from Doctor John di Martini in the film "The Secret."