Getting Real About Time

There's Never Enough
Who do you know that says, "I just have so much time on my hands, I don't know what to do with it all." No one I'll bet. Time is the most precious thing we have. In spite of scientists who are feverishly working to extend our life span, we most have around 85 years, tops. More important is how we spend that time and so doesn't it make sense to be sure that the time you spend on your business is put to the best purpose possible?

Look Toward the Money
You are in business to make money, I assume. When you are working, always ask yourself, is this activity getting me closer to the financial/business goal I have set for myself or not? It is so easy to get caught up in activities that don't really make a difference in the bottom line for our business. When you plan your day, look at each task with a critical eye and make some decisions about what to do and what not to do.

Do your best to estimate how long a project will take. For example, I know that writing a good monthly newsletter is going to take a minimum of 90 minutes for content alone. An edition of Monday Morning Coach takes at least 30 minutes. I figure I have a month to do each so I budget that time well in advance so I don't have any last minute crunches.

Use a Timer
My digital timer is my best business friend. I use the inexpensive battery operated ones you can get nearly anywhere. I use it to keep me on track and remind me of what I need to do. Let's say I know I want to spend time cleaning up my email inbox, but it is easy to get lost in that job, reading old emails and following links. If I set the timer for say, 10 minutes and work quickly, in a focused way, I can get a lot done and not waste time getting side tracked. You can also use the timer to get a start on jobs you don't really want to do, like make follow up calls. Set the timer for 20 minutes or so and then begin dialing away. You'd be surprised how many you can make in a focused way.

Give it Away
In this case, I mean giving away time gobbling tasks that can easily be done by someone else. I am one of those people who actually enjoy cleaning house on occasion. But running a coaching business from my home and being president of my local International Coach Federation chapter doesn't leave time to do the cleaning jobs the way I would like.

So now I have professionals do it. Their hourly fee is considerably less than than what I charge for my services, and quite honestly, they do a better job. It just doesn't make sense for me to do that work.

In a more traditional setting, you may want to give away the job of copying and mailing materials to clients. Yes, these simple, no brainer tasks can be relaxing, and give you a break, but why not just finish work earlier and do something really fun with the time you save?

It's Not Just Time
It's your LIFE! Why not spend it doing things that inspire you, lead you to your life goals and enrich you spiritually and monetarily?


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