Goal Setting

Create a Plan for Success Every goal has steps. Look at a biggie many people resolve at the New Year: Get Organized. This goal requires multiple changes in behavior and several steps to achieve the desired outcome. Identify where you want to start. Do you want to organize your office, your time, your home? Identify the obstacles that will prevent you from accomplishing this goal. What is the voice in your head saying that has kept you from achieving this goal in the past? Deal with that voice.
Next identify the steps you will need to take to get organized.

Any goal, no matter how complicated, can be made manageable by breaking it down into several smaller goals, to be accomplished one at a time. Completing "baby steps" is a great way to build your confidence and momentum. Best of all, you will have track record of performance to keep you encouraged.

Create Space to Accomplish your Goal In order to make changes in your life, you must make time and mental space for them to occur. That means, most likely, you must let something go. Know that everything we do, even things that we might judge as time wasters, serve a purpose. Let's say you spend ½ an hour a day at the end of work surfing the net on; nothing much important, perhaps the equivalent of watching a rerun of I Love Lucy. This half hour might be used to organize your office and plan your next day; a step in the over all goal of "Get Organized."

What do you tell yourself about this time? I could be something like, "I've worked hard all day, and I deserve a little relaxation." True. You do. What if by freeing up the half hour for organizing and planning, you freed up the money and a week to do something even more important, like taking the special vacation you have been wanting for so long? That doesn't make the surfing time so hard to give up when you know you have an even greater, similar, reward waiting, does it?

Goal Setting is a compass that keeps us focused on what is really important to us and living a life with no regrets because we spent time where we received the most satisfaction and joy. So go back to those resolutions. Rethink and structure them so you have space to get them done and can see your progress in baby steps