Why Time Management?

What do you think when someone mentions time management? If you are like some, the first reaction is guilt. Why guilt? Because we all waste time and have been called out for doing it. For others, there is a feeling of defeat, irritation, rebellion, regret and for some, defiance.

Time has been and always will be an issue in our personal and professional lives. On some level, we always know that the clock is ticking and there is nothing we can do about it. We know we have only 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We know that our time on earth is finite; as much as I didn’t believe it when I was 20, it is a fact.

For this discussion, let’s limit it to your profession, your business. Personal issues can come into play, especially if you operate out of a home based office, but for now let’s talk about what happens at work.

The simple truth seems to be that people with good time management skills have more successful careers, accomplish more in less time and experience less stress at the same time (and coincidentally, make more money.) Here’s why:

Productivity Increases: All of us have many things that need to happen to make our business function properly. When you use time management skills, you become more aware of what those things are and allocate time for them after estimating how much time you think it will take.

You are able to meet your goals: By allocating time on carefully chosen activities that will help you meet your goals; you will reach those goals much more quickly. A goal is a wonderful thing to have, but if no time is spent on it, it just becomes a pipe dream and never becomes a reality.

That being said, why aren’t more of us making a bigger effort to improve our time management skills in our business? Well, maybe you just didn’t want to think about it for the reasons mentioned above. Maybe you just don’t know what to do. Perhaps you tried and became overwhelmed and discouraged.

Maybe you just never thought how truly valuable your time really is and is the one non-renewable resource you have. When it is gone, it NEVER comes back.

I want to encourage you to look again at your relationship to time. Get serious about what you do with time and think about how truly valuable it is, because it isn’t something outside you. It is your life, and isn’t that the most precious thing you possess?