Business Skills Checklist

Number  checked (10 max) ________

1.  Leadership: I direct people and efforts easily and well.

2. Consistency: I have enough personal discipline to stick to this and carry it out. I self manage and initiate. I don't need lots of support.

3. Eagerness to risk: I am willing to constantly try new things, innovate, make it easier and better, go for it and risk a portion of money I have.

4. Respect: I honor people; their unique contribution and I include them in decisions.

5. Emotionally healthy adult: I don't get my needs met by staff/customers, I don't get angry or react, and I don't take things personally.

6. Adequate Reserve: I always have more than I need: Time, Cash, Space, Skills, Staff, Sales,Opportunities.

7. Dedication: I am totally dedicated to being the best, making lots of money and having the company be extraordinary.

8. Problem-Solver & Preventer: I easily reduce a complex problem to bite-sized pieces and then take extra steps so that this type of problem NEVER occurs again.

9. Manager: I manage the operation, and am aware of the "specific outcomes," factors and early warning indicators that will make or break me.

10. Influence: I am not afraid of people (staff, prospects and customers); I have no problem telling them what they should do.