Get Inspired! Get Rich!

What inspires you? As business coach, much of what I do is helping my clients to develop strategies to increase their revenues and set up systems to make their business run smoother, but I have found that money is not what inspires many of my clients to become successful. I have found that many are inspired by the love they have for their families and that is what motivates them to succeed. For others the sheer joy of practicing their craft or expertise at top level is the motivator. Some just like the excitement of doing their best and compete against themselves every day, setting higher and higher goals of quality service and customer satisfaction. What is it for you? What is that something that gets you out of bed and revved up to go to work?

Who inspires you? When I was teaching, there was a student; I'll call her Kate, who was a total inspiration to me. Kate tackled every assignment as if there was some gold nugget in there and she was going to be the one to find it. Needless to say her grades were outstanding, and yet, while she worked hard, she made it seem like play or at least really meaningful for her in the long run. Her attitude and willingness was an inspiration to me and the other students. In business, I have a colleague that inspires me. He is meticulous about his business dealings. No stone is left unturned and no possibility not investigated. He is a master at his craft and delights in having his work make others prosper. Take a closer look at those people around you and spend more time with them.

Riches come in more than dollars and other currency. While providing an excellent service and treating your customers well will create financial success, when you do business from a place of inspiration, you will have riches in other "currencies." There have been numerous studies of employee satisfaction and they rate being appreciated by their employer over the money they receive. So how does this relate to you the entrepreneur? Come from a place of inspiration, and every day will be fun and exciting. You will foster warm, supportive client relationships. When your family sees you having a wonderful time, they will support you.

Be an inspiration to others. When you have found this key for yourself, don't keep it a secret. Look around you and see who you could support, inspire or mentor in business or life. Sometimes all you need to do is send someone a quick email detailing what you appreciate about them or their service. Keeping others inspired, will also help you stay inspired. It's the gift that returns and multiplies over and over.