Prosperity and Abundance? Naturally!

Philosophers over all time have noticed that the universe is a place of abundance. As you look at the earth, it is filled with animal life of all kinds occupying every ecological niche imaginable, including boiling thermals deep in the oceans. They come in sizes as large as the blue whale to the smallest microscopic, one celled protozoa. Plants fill every nook and cranny. If you have ever walked in a wheat field or picked fruit in an orchard you become overwhelmed by the sheer abundance and propensity for richness and lushness in nature.

So why is it that so many of us see ourselves as poor and lacking? If you are reading this, my guess is that you are citizens of one of the more prosperous countries in the world: USA, Canada or Great Britain. The chances are that you had a meal upon awakening and had some sort of shelter over the bed that you awoke in. My guess is that you have means of transportation and clean water to drink when you are thirsty and to bathe in. That being established, many of us still feel deprived, anxious and worried about there not being “enough.”

We have this anxiety because we don’t really believe in the abundance so evident around us. We see the glass as half empty. Where did this gloomy view of the world come from? Most likely, it came from our family of origin. We are all raised with a view of the world and where we fit into it economically and in regard to prosperity in general. It becomes a family manifesto, a firm belief that this is the order of the universe and it is unchanging.

The problem is that when we meet others that seem to be prospering or to have more of what we want (it doesn’t have to be money per se, it could be influence, power, opportunity) our diminished ego kicks in and assigns a label to that person. Rich= spoiled, dishonest, opportunistic, greedy, takes advantage of others, uncaring, selfish. We find no joy in the prosperity of others, just sadness, defeat, jealousy, anger and even hate. You have seen it, and perhaps even felt it. If you are prosperous, you may have felt the sting of these negative emotions from others directed to you.

This is a very limiting way to think about those who prosper. What can we do to change our way of thinking and tap into the abundance?

First you must get a baseline of what you believe. Notice your thoughts about abundance and notice what you think about the people who display outwardly the trappings of an abundant lifestyle. Which things trigger some sort of emotion? What is that emotion? Who in your past expressed similar feelings? Now question that person’s assertion. Let’s take Bill Gates, currently the wealthiest person on the planet in terms of dollars. What do you feel when you think of his billions and lifestyle? Isn’t it also true that he is also the greatest donors to charitable organizations? I don’t know who has access to his innermost thoughts to scrutinize his motivation for this largesse, but outwardly, at least, we must agree that he doesn’t entirely fit the stereotype of Rich=greedy, selfish etc.

If thinking of wealthy people and what they have is challenging, think on nature. Does that tree outside your window have too many leaves? Shouldn’t it be ashamed of itself? Isn’t it keeping other trees from having enough leaves by having so many? Why are there billions of stars in our sky? Did they get taken away from some other universe?

Ridiculous. Of course.

Abundance is the natural order of things and prosperity is available for those who wish to embrace the concept. Start by appreciating the abundance around you with gratitude and joy. Rejoice whenever you notice it, and then claim it for yourself as a natural, good thing for you and yours.