Staying Focused in Your Business

I subscribe to a business magazine directed at entrepreneurs. Because that is my target market, I like to know what is current in the rest of the area of small business opportunities. I was reading the latest issue and looking at all the ads trying to get people like you and me to buy into one franchise or another-reconditioned slot machines: "They sell themselves." Basement waterproofing: "I'll be making 10 million next year!" (a mistake for Tucson, because hardly any homes have basements..oh well.) Vending machines: "I sell a five dollar bag of candy for $25 dollars." You get the idea. Easy money just waiting for you to plunk down the fee and watch the money roll in...with no work! Woo Hoo! Sign me up!

Really! I'm just like you. I start thinking, "There must be an easier way than this." "This" being whatever marketing, business building strategy I am currently working to grow my coaching practice. I become a victim of what is affectionately known as "Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome." What I love about entrepreneurs is that we aren't afraid to take risks. We are willing to look at something new and give it a chance. But I am here to be the calm voice of reason that is going to say to you, "Waaait a minute. Think about this awhile. How does this new activity, product or strategy fit into your overall plan?"

Plan? What Plan? When we are struck by what looks like an offer we can't refuse, our well thought out plan for sustained growth goes out the window. Now I'm not suggesting that you actually fall for every harebrained scheme that comes your way, but do you get distracted by someone else in your industry that seems to be doing something that is making him or her more successful than you? And you think about abandoning your current path? I am in a business club and I notice how the members market their products and services. As strange as it may seem, the ones that are the most successful are those that stick to one main message and service and position themselves as that expert.

Pick something and stick to it.
Don't be a moving target for your prospective clients. People want to buy-from you. It is your job to make it easy for them by first being very clear about who you are and what you offer. Especially if you are a high ticket item, people need to know that you are going to be there in the long run. I knew my financial advisors two years before I gave them the bulk of my investments. In those two years they had one consistent message of who they were and what they could do for me. I began to trust that they would be there and deliver what they promised. (And by the way, they didn't promise to make me a million-fast!)

My promise to you is that if you consistently work a well thought out plan that you have come up with by examining
1. Who you are
2. What you want for yourself and your life
3. Envisioning the end result with clarity and joy
you will not be so easily distracted by empty promises that most likely will just drain your energy and pocketbook.

If you have done these three things, calm yourself, listen to your inner guidance and reassure yourself that you are on the right track. And if earning a million is your goal, it will happen.

Meanwhile you and those around you will be much more relaxed with the serenity that simplicity of purpose can bring.