Procrastination: THE Time Management Black Hole

Business owners, executives, managers, students. nearly everyone identifies procrastination the biggest obstacle to effective time management and achievement of their goals. Everyone does it, and complains about others whose procrastination affects them. It can wreck relationships, cost us our job, erode our self confidence, cause financial hardship and destroy our credibility. We all feel guilty about it, and very few of us know why we do it or what to do about it.

Why do we procrastinate in doing the things we know we need and want to do?
You don’t like it.
You don’t know how to do it. You lack the knowledge
You are afraid

First and foremost, get over the guilt you may feel about the things you have procrastinated. Acknowledge that you may have left messes that you or others have had to clean up because you haven’t done what you needed to do. There may be some people who are really angry with you or have lost confidence in you because you don’t meet your obligations or keep your promises. You may have missed multiple opportunities because of procrastination. So be it. Let it go. If you think you need to make amends to others, do so, but don’t make any promises. They won’t believe you anyway. They will need to see action.

Second, identify the obstacle from the list above.

Don’t like the task? We don’t need to love everything we do. Just accept that there are some things that must be done, and schedule time to do it. I use a timer and break tasks I don’t like into smaller pieces and sometimes tack on a small reward when I finish the job.

Don’t know how? Ask. If there is no one to ask Google it! You would be amazed how much free information there is on the internet for the weirdest things. Whether it is how to file, (my personally most hated task) make a sales call, organize your office or feng shui your parking space, there is probably someone who wants to tell you how they did it.

Fear? Use the fear to propel you forward. The world is about change and new things. To stop out of some fear, is to stagnate. If you let fear keep you from doing something that is going to bring amazing rewards, fulfillment and joy to yourself and others, you will really have regrets. You may not have them today or tomorrow but long term. Face those fears and acknowledge the butterflies and forge ahead.

Habit? Take a class in time management or get some books on the subject. They all address procrastination in greater detail and have even more tips and strategies for managing and overcoming this issue once and for all. When procrastination has become a habit, it takes time and discipline to overcome it, but it can be done.

Procrastination has probably cost you a great deal, but mostly in the time you have wasted. Why not stop now?
Also, about sins of omission there is one particularly painful lack of beauty,
Namely, it isn’t as though it had been a riotous red-letter day or night every
time you neglected to do your duty;
You didn’t get a wicked forbidden thrill
Every time you let a policy lapse or forget to pay a bill;
You didn’t slap the lads in the tavern on the back and loudly cry Whee,
Let’s all fail to write just one more letter before we go home, and this round
of unwritten letters is on me.
Here is what Jim Rohn touted as a recipe for success: a few simple disciplines practiced every day. He also had a great recipe for disaster – a few simple things neglected on a daily basis.