The Virtual Assistant

It has happened! You are a success! You have so much business that your bank account is bursting at the seams and you are grinning from ear to ear most of the time; what little time you have.

Oops, a new problem. You need help. How do you find just who you need for the specific things you need done? Do you have the space for an assistant? What about all the liability associated with an employee?

Hurray! Enter the virtual assistant. These are people who are independent contractors who do all the things you want and need to have done other than actually come into your office and handle paper. Here is a partial list of what I will be having my VA handle for me this coming year. Yes, I said partial.

Take a look at what they can do:
• Handle email or US mail, handling most and forwarding to you just those which need your attention
• Make appointments, keep a schedule
• Personal/business paperwork
• Make/receive phone calls/inquiries
• Send/receive faxes
• Research of all sorts
• Plan meetings and events
• Make travel arrangements - business and personal
Renewing passports
Dining reservations (local and while traveling)
Golf tee time reservations
Theme park tickets
Site seeing tours
Worldwide weather information
• Handle reservations for seminars given by clients
• Writing
• Proof reading
• Copy editing
• Desktop publishing
Newsletter publishing (print and Internet)
• Canceling, creating, renewing subscriptions
• Coordination of web design/hosting
• Mailings
• Buy/send gifts/cards for customers of clients
• List managing (majordomo, listserv)
• Reminder service
• Transcription and Dictation
• Bill paying
Advocate for billing disputes
Complaint handling
• Create/maintain databases
• Relocation services help and research

Think you can't afford one? Let's say you make $250,000 a year, with only two weeks off, and working 5 productive hours a day, that's around $200 an hour. With VA's starting at $35 an hour, do you really want to be wasting your valuable time on these tasks? Couldn't you be using that time better creating new products, marketing or presenting to prospective clients?

Don't cheat yourself by going on the cheap. Get the help you deserve and prosper!