Are You a Marketing Master?

I has been said that "The Marketing is more important than the mastery." When I first heard this, I got a little mad. What did they mean? We are being told getting out there and promoting one’s business is more important than your considerable abilities as a coach.

It has been proven over and over that a consistent, well oiled marketing system in place, it was easier to get clients. When marketing falters, a business falters.
Which seems to say that those of us who own our own business need to become "Marketing Masters," not just masters of our profession. Here are some basic questions to get a quick start on the path to mastery of the very necessary skill: Marketing.

Do you know who your ideal client is? To market effectively, you must know who you marketing to. I have a detailed list of my ideal client's profile taped over my telephone. I know their age, occupation, gender, income and education level, where the most likely live and their personality type.

Do you have a fantastic customer/client list ?
You must have a list of well qualified, eager buyers who fit your ideal profile.

Do you have multiple means of contact?
To rely on just one method to promote your business is to handicap yourself and your results. We all need to look at something we haven't tried before. I remember one of my first clients telling me that one postcard campaign had unsatisfactory results and they were never trying it again. All I can say is never say never. We must have different approaches to touch different people.

Is your marketing an ongoing, evolving process?
Hit and miss marketing is a surefire setup for failure. You MUST have a plan and follow it consistently. You must look carefully at your results from each campaign and tweak from there. Don't ignore any form of media. I have used many and there are some I like more than others. Just be sure that you take time each week, month and quarter to review and update.

Whatever you focus on, you will master. You are already great at what you do, now become a Marketing Master as well.