Marketing for Holidays

Tying your marketing to a holiday is an excellent way to generate client loyalty. Here are some tips that can be used through out the year for different holidays.

1. Cards: There are some really nice Thanksgiving card sets you can send to clients you are close to. You don't have to buy individual ones anymore as the major card companies are making boxes of cards now.

December holiday cards can be generic or specific to a particular belief. Be careful to get it right if you go the second route.

In all cases, my personal preference is something I pick out, address and send by hand myself. You need to decide whether an automated system meets your needs or if the more personal touch is appropriate.

2. Gifts: Certain clients deserve a gift. If a client has given you thousands in business, don't you think a gift is appropriate? Don't forget referral sources. Hopefully, you sent them something when you got the referral, but if that referral turned into an excellent customer, think about giving your referral source a gift.

What to give? If you know your client well, that should not be a problem, but a gift basket. with a variety of things is a good idea and you can include a coupon or gift certificate. See hint #3.

3. Coupons: This is a great time to have a coupon for a discount for your services or special add on service. You can include it in your card or with a gift.

4. Email greetings. These are inexpensive (free) and can be really fun. Just remember that clients know exactly what you paid for them so if you are trying to impress a really big client proceed with caution and make sure they are in good taste, creative and put your business in a good light.

5. Make it Nice: Finally, whatever you do, make it as nice as you can afford. You don't have to go overboard with lavish gifts, but remember that if it has your company name on it, it is being evaluated and judged. Better small and of good quality than large and cheesy.

That's it! Happy Holiday Marketing.