Close More Sales

Some of us are born salespersons and some of us aren't.

You can learn to sell your service more efficiently by being prepared. Fast track your sales abilities by using only a few key strategies to become better at sales and to enjoy the process along the way.
Mentally Prepare yourself to succeed

It's all up to you, so get out of your own way.

Have the conviction that you are going to sell your service. Be confident, and enthusiastic. You have a fabulous service and they would be lucky to have you deliver it. Right? Let your prospective customer know that you want their business and you are ready to serve them.
Establish a relationship

Get to know your prospective client.

Do some research on Google. Find out what their interests are and most important, what their needs are. Gather information about your service that answers the prospect's needs or issues.

Don't be so anxious to tell what you have to offer rather than finding out what the client actually needs. Have a list of open ended questions that direct them to articulating exactly what they need. Then listen carefully to their answers.

Ask Pressure-free Questions
These questions begin with "If" followed by how, when what. "If you were to..., how many would you...when might you...?"

Unsure about your salesmanship?

Have a trusted colleague, mentor or coach go over your sales strategy. Don't have a strategy? Get one. Really, you can't ignore this important piece of making your business a success by winging it every time you are in front of a prospective client. Have a plan, execute it to the best of your ability, track your results, and fine tune from there.