18 Unbelievable Ways to Bathe an Elephant Indoors: Or 3 Fun Ways to Improve How You Talk About Your Business

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

bathing elephantsAre you boring when you talk about your business service or product? Do you use words and phrases that don't engage and cause people to sit up and take notice?  The bathing elephants headline for this article is just an exaggerated, rather ridiculous example of what to do when you are writing or talking about your business.


Most of us who are in business want to be taken seriously and if we are ethical, we don't want to make exaggerated claims about our service or the benefits that we provide for our customers and clients.  Sometimes we over correct and come across as uninteresting and lackluster.

So how can you talk about what you do in a way that makes it more engaging?

Amp up your adjectives.  Use words like

  • Absolute
  • Painstaking
  • Essential

When describing your service with adequate adjectives, you get adequate results.

Think of How? Why? and Who?

  • How is your service amazing? (Another good adjective, if it's true...OF COURSE it is!)
  • Why have so many people told you they love you and what you do?
  • Who have you helped recently?

When you get more specific, people can relate and see how they can use you or refer you.

Use Numbers

  • "Last year I helped save my clients and average of $300 on their insurance."
  • "4 out of 5 of my customers are repeat business."
  • "90% of the users of this cream told me they saw dramatic improvement of their problem dry areas."

People can easily relate to numbers.

Amp it up.  Keep it real, but don't ever be boring.bored

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