5 Ways to Eliminate Politics in Your Company

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

It may seem that politics in business and in non profit organizations  is an inevitable  part of the landscape.  This may be true, but when they get out of hand, it can be destructive and cause the business to run less efficiently and can even cause profits to plummet.

1.  Establish your company's culture as one that is larger than the politics.  When you establish a culture of fair dealing, mutual respect, and cooperation, negative politics don't have a chance to take root and grow.

2.  Remove the politicians.  Even with coaching and encouragement,  some people just can't change their competitive, power-seeking behaviors.  You will lose other good employees if you allow them to continue to spread their poison.  Insist on teamwork and fair play or move them on.

3.   Let employees know what they must do to get ahead.  When you are specific about what is expected to succeed, you eliminate  much less than positive behavior.

4.  Communicate everything about the company that may in any way affect the employees.  Withholding key information, breeds mistrust.  When you are open about the ups and downs, the power of politicking diminishes.

5.  Teach employees to solve their own problems.  Teach them to communicate and understand how to work with fellow employees who have different work styles.

Some people think that politics are a necessary evil in all work situations.  This may be true, but the damage can be lessened with thought and understanding about what is going on.

Adapted from Working Wisdom by Thomas Leonard

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