Go Getter or Go Giver?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

givingThe book Go Giver has been an eye opener for me.  Ever since I joined BNI (Business Network International) whose motto is Givers Gain, I have been intrigued by this concept and how it operates in the business world, but more importantly, the personal arena...our life.

In my former career as a teacher, honestly, it seemed that all I did was give.  In my role as mother and wife, the same was true.  Yet, I didn't really understand the subtleties what was going on.

I have also always considered myself a go getter.  I work hard, always try to do my best and to be at the top of my game..whatever the game is.  This is a trait that has had rewards both personally and monetarily.

There is another way to look at the act of giving.  When we give out of an expression of generosity, compassion, or sheer joy of sharing, everything changes.  The act benefits the giver as much and the one who receives.  When we are willing to give less from calculating what it will benefit us and more from an overflowing and from a mindset of enjoying the act of giving, suddenly everyone benefits.

It isn't something we can fake, but we can learn to notice how we feel when we are able to give freely without expecting in return.  Of course, the irony is that as we are more and more able to operate this way, the more comes back to us.

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