Icebergs and Time Management

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Too often when we plan an action to grow our business, we only see the main goal and not the other actions and details required of us to achieve that goal.  We see the tip of the iceberg and miss the big picture of what is lying underneath.

Example:  Networking to grow your business.  We think “No brainer; one hour at an event; Bingo…more business.”


There are steps you may have forgotten to plan time for, and why so many people don’t get the results the hoped for from networking.

Before…. Getting marketing materials together: 10-30 minutes.Travel time:20 minutes to an hour total.

 After....  30 minutes to an hour to enter the new contacts’ information into your database.  30 minutes to follow up with a phone call, email or note.  Scheduling a face to face meeting with the best prospects.  If your calendar is already packed with other activities, when will these steps take place?

Don’t forget the hidden parts of any task you put on your calendar.  It can be the difference between smooth sailing and sinking.



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