Organizing Your Business Space

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Keeping your business organized is so important for so many reasons. It is one of those non-verbal messages that you send to yourself and your potential clients and customers.

So how do you start? Here are three places to begin.

Let's start with the physical space. Feng Shui experts talk about organizing and clearing a space is like organizing and clearing your mind.  When you come into work and see papers covering your desk, pens, markers and other materials left out, you are less inclined to want to work, because you know you must clean before you can work.

Designate a place for all the supplies you use on a regular basis.  They should be within easy reach and organized by category.  All the paper in one place, pens, pencils, in another and reference materials in another.  If you have a home office, some of the items may cross over to what you use for your personal business.  That is OK as long as deductible things like postage, envelopes for special mailings and other costly supplies are separated.

Keep it clean.

Dusty shelves, smudged windows, spotted floor coverings and a sticky computer keyboard says, "I don't care and neither should you," to potential customers.  It is easy to let the grime build up and not notice it.

If you own a garage or construction company, neatness and cleanliness is also about safety.  Businesses that offer personal services like a spa, hair salon, chiropractor, dentist or gym must be sure that everything is clean and sanitary and that any plants are healthy and fish tanks  are sparkling.

If your industry has standards to which you must adhere, meet and then top them.

Your files is the next place to organize.  For things you use on a daily basis, such as current projects use a vertical file.  This way you can grab them easily without digging though a pile.  Of course if the files are confidential, lock them every night in your filing cabinet.

Speaking of the filing cabinet, there are many great systems.  I prefer filing alphabetically.  Another tip is to keep all the tabs to one side so you don't have to search across the filing cabinet to find the correct file.  Use big printed labels to label each file.

By planning time at the end of every working day to file, put away and straighten, you will eliminate the visual clutter.  Engaging professional cleaners on a regular basis and you doing spot cleaning will keep your business sparkling, your morale high and give the best possible message to your clients.


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