Remember Why You Do This

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Ever feel discouraged, alone in your business and ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" (Other than "I have to pay bills!") Trust me, you're not alone. This feeling  comes to all of us sometimes.

This morning, if you are having a even hint of doubt, take a moment to remember why you began  this adventure as entrepreneur.  You didn't know how hard it would be, or how lonely you would feel at times, but something pushed you to take the first step and then keep going.  Get in touch with that spark and fan it with your imagination and determination.

Just remember that you aren't really alone.

  • There are people who care about you succeeding.
  • We want you to do well.
  • We need you, your creativity  and your service in the world.

Our nation and economy has always depended on people like you and me to "keep on keeping on" even when times are bad.   Never underestimate the importance of your contribution. How we handle those down times is the measure of our character and the hope for a better tomorrow.


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