Stepping My Way to Health and More Business

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

I went back to the gym today. After breaking two bones in my arm at the first of September, I found it painful to exercise because I couldn't find a way to hold my arm so it wouldn't hurt. The cast has been off for awhile and when I went to the doctor on Monday, the x-ray showed that both bones were perfectly healed.

So it is back to the gym. My coach Alexandria Brown had given me a pedometer as part of my VIP goody bag last week at her launch party for her magazine, Ali so I clipped it on and went off to the gym.

I logged in over 3000 steps on the treadmill and went home to see what I should be doing in a day. It seems that we need to do 10,000 steps or nearly 5 miles a day as a guideline. The site I checked out said to wear a pedometer for a week and see what your average is, then devise ways to increase the steps you take.

The reasons for this are many, but one thing I know from my own experience, is that when I am more active, I automatically have more energy for my business and life in general. Now the last two and a half months can't be a good guide because of the pain I was dealing with, but by exercising only a little, I didn't feel as energetic during the day.

So I will begin my experiment and see how it effects my business. I do have one guideline however, if my coach suggests something, I am paying her too much to ignore her advice. I'll be interested to see if my business profits for Creative Resources Coaching increase as my steps increase.

Ha HA. Could happen!

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