Coaching is about Who you are in your business, What you want and How to get it.

After you've learned all you can from the free resources available here and elsewhere, it's probably time to sign up for some serious coaching.

For those just starting out, or those who benefit from input of peers, I offer classes on business basics. For personalized, intensive work on your business, I offer a variety of individual coaching programs.

Click on the links to find out which is best for your needs and schedule.


Time Management/Life Mastery

This program is for Small Business Owner, Consultant, Coach, Broker and Professional.  Learn how maximize your profits by using your time profitably.



Individual Programs:

Biz 911 Rescue Session

One hour telephone coaching session on the business topic of your choice.  This service is perfect for the first time client and returning client. The following topics are part of my Biz 911 program.


VIP Intensive Day

A full day of one on one coaching away from your office with Louise. You will have my full attention to make real breakthroughs in your business from the ground up.


Gold Level Private Coaching

Business Development/ Success Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Small Business owners.


Telephone Mini-Session

30 minutes with the coach. Perfect for those quick questions about your goals, marketing, time management or any topic of your choice.