Business Strategy Power Sessions (Biz 911)

Telephoning 2

What can you accomplish in an hour?  More than you can imagine! These one hour focused, telephone coaching sessions help you dig deep and make amazing progress in record time.   Each session covers ten aspects of one topic.

Choose one of the business topics most relevant to your needs or schedule  a series.  It is up to you.  This program is perfect for the first time client and returning client as individual sessions can be repeated.

  • Marketing

Is your marketing  hit or miss?  Are you not sure what is involved in effectively marketing your business?  Do you "forget" to market because you don't like doing it and aren't sure what you are doing is even working?

Get clear about what you need to ensure that you are doing the marketing that is most effective for your business and that you are marketing to the right people.



  • Mindset for Success

How you think and believe colors everything you do in your business.  Your success or lack of success depends first on how you view yourself and your world.  A positive attitude and self-confidence in your ability to succeed will set the stage for success.

This session will explore where you are in your belief in yourself and give practical tips for maximizing your success mindset.



  • Time Management  (Most popular session)

Does your day end and you wonder what you have done and what you have accomplished?  Are you exhausted and don't seem to have time for yourself or your family?  You have tried time management systems and end up frustrated and feeling like a failure?

This session will help you get clear about what time management is and what it isn't.  It is the perfect jumping off point for taming the "time beast" and getting your life back.


  • Owner Care and Balance

Do take care of yourself as well as you take care for your business?  Don't burn out and lose the joy of owning your own business by doing too much and not taking time for yourself.

Do you exercise, eat right and delegate effectively? These are the sorts of questions we will explore in the session that will put you on track for maintaining your business and yourself at peak performance.



  • Planning for Growth

OK, you're small now, but what about six months from now?  A year?  Five? Ten?  Are you prepared with a business plan that looks to the future?  This session will set you set up today for whatever tomorrow may bring.

You will evaluate your business with an eye for growing as large as you can dream as far into the future as you want to go.



  • Profitability

No profits=No business.  This no-nonsense, rubber meets the road session puts a powerful magnifying glass to why we get into business in the first place:

to make money.

Probing questions will reveal the truth about your business...and that truth will make you free.  If you don't know it's broken, you can't fix it.   We will find where the profit leaks are and get your business where you want it to be...thriving.



  • Leadership and Vision

To own a business is to be a leader whether it is of only yourself or hundreds of employees and contract workers.  Do you have a vision and mission statement?  Do your employees know your vision and see you living in your business day?  Do you see yourself as a leader and act like a leader?

This session will help you become clear about your role as leader in your business.  You will identify the traits and actions that define quality leadership.  You will come away with clarity and a sense of purpose.


  • Service Excellence

Business these days is extremely competitive.  Poor service and not understanding what your prospective customers want will leave your business in the dust.  What is your reputation for service?  Do you have quality control built into your policies and procedures?  Do you know why you lost your last customer?

Attention to service  will keep you head and shoulders above your competition and ensure that not only will they stay with you, but bring their friends as well.  This session will help you get very clear about what you need to do in an easy step by step process.



  • Staff Management

Is your staff a blessing or a complete energy drain?  Does everyone know what to do and how to do it?  Is there a system in place to evaluate and reward your staff?  You don't need to have full time employees to ask these questions.  If you have anyone doing work for you, you must think of them as staff and be sure they are doing things the way you want.

This session covers ten of the most important points for effective staff management.  You will have the perfect blueprint for handling your toughest employee problems and guarantee that your best employees will want to stay.



  • Accounting and Finances

Are all your financial ducks in a row?  Do you even know what those "ducks" are?  This session is the perfect place to check up on your businesses financial health.   It is the perfect "to do" checklist to make sure your business finances are up to date and in top condition.

You will be empowered by knowing exactly where you stand and what you need to do to have all your finance and accounting issues addressed.


Take one session or all ten.  Do one a week or spread them out over the year.  A cost effective way to sample Louise's services and get expert advice to jump start or deepen your business.
Email for appointment times and advance materials.
Investment: $150 per session  (Discounts available for scheduling multiple sessions.  Contact Louise for details.)