Time MANagement for the BusinessMAN

 Successfully Completed!  Will repeat in the fall 2014.  Stay Tuned

It has been said that simple time management can be THE ONE THING preventing business owners from achieving the financial success they desire and work so hard to achieve.  This fun, fast paced, interactive ninety minute workshop will be the answer to how to use your time most effectively to achieve your goals and make your business run more smoothly with less stress.

Investment:  $67 (Includes Advance Materials; 90 minute workshop; Workshop handouts and Planning Tools; Private One-to-One Telephone Mini Session)

  • Stop Procrastinating once and for all
  • Identify what tasks Make you Money and what is a waste of your time
  • Handle Pesky Interruptions that eat up your day and frazzle your nerves
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Work Smarter not harder and achieve more in less time
  • Get Control of Your Day, Your Week…Your Life
  • All geared with the BusinessMAN in mind

This popular workshop has helped participants get clear about how they are spending their time and how to use it more efficiently.  Perfect  for the Small Business Owner, Consultant, Coach, Broker and Self Employed Professional.

  • 90 minute workshop at Arizona Small Business Association, Tucson, AZ
  • Worksheets to keep you on track
  • Follow up private telephone mini session to answer your questions

Learn how maximize your profits by using your time profitably.

Investment: $67